SigmaOS Introduces Airis: A GPT-4 Powered AI Chatbot That Understands Context

SigmaOS, a macOS exclusive web browser, has recently launched its own AI assistant named ‘Airis‘. This AI chatbot, powered by GPT-4, is capable of understanding the context of a page and processing multiple queries simultaneously.

SigmaOS Introduces Airis A GPT-4 Powered AI Chatbot That Understands Context 1
Image Credits: SigmaOS

Airis: A New Generation AI Chatbot

Airis is a unique AI chatbot that can understand the context of a page and provide answers based on that context. For instance, if a user is reading about Manchester United and asks Airis to explain ‘United’, the bot understands that the user is asking about the football team and not just the word itself.

Users can easily summon Airis by right-clicking on a text selection, eliminating the need to open a side column or another tab. However, for a contextual conversation, users can press ‘A’ to open the assistant in split-screen mode.

Enhanced Features for a Better User Experience

In addition to understanding context, Airis can also rewrite or reword sentences or paragraphs. It comes with pre-written prompts like ‘Make it simpler’, ‘Written by a child’, and ‘Add humor’. Users can also use their own prompts like ‘Write this in 200 words’. There are also some fun options like ‘Write it like a pirate’ and ‘Write it like a cat’.

Airis can effectively translate articles and webpages in multiple languages using the GPT-3.5-Turbo model. What sets Airis apart is that users can see it ‘rewriting’ or translating the words on the pages. Unlike other AI chatbots, Airis can handle multiple rewriting or translation tasks on different pages at the same time, thanks to the clever implementation of token usage within its algorithm.

SigmaOS Introduces Airis A GPT-4 Powered AI Chatbot That Understands Context 2
Image Credits: SigmaOS

The Future of AI in Web Browsers

SigmaOS is not the only browser integrating AI assistants. Microsoft Edge integrated the GPT-4 powered Bing AI bot in March, and Opera is experimenting with integrating multiple chatbots in its sidebar. Mozilla is reportedly working on integrating a chatbot within Firefox as well.

Currently, users have to sign up to a waitlist to get access to Airis, but SigmaOS is admitting new people every day. In the coming months, the startup aims to train Airis to understand whole websites, answer any questions about the service, and perform tasks like creating a SigmaOS workspace for an upcoming holiday.

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